E-Touch VS Variable Speed Pump

Product Features


* Touch Screen panel for easy operation
* 4 optional Timer for 24 hours running
* IP55 & Class F
* Maximum suction range: 2.5m
* Inbuilt Thermal Protector
* 3 optional External Control

Product Detail


Variable speed pool pump E-Touch VSP 01 - Aquagem Electric

Given the fact that private pool is getting smaller than ever, the pool pump is one of the most power comsumption household items, while running it at a constant high speed means unnecessary energy waste. With 18 speeds to choose from, an E-Touch VS variable speed pool pump not only meets different applications with dramatic energy saving, but also helps to take advantage of different electricity rates at different time of day.

Product Highlights

Energy savings up to 80%

A power bill doesn't lie, the amount of energy consumed by a single speed pool pump is about 16% of the whole pool system. With an energy saving up to 80% at low speed, you can save up to 2000 Euros in an average 5 year life span.
E-Touch VS variable speed pool pump is a most cost efficient solution for a better pool experience.

Reduction on sound level by 25%

According to in-house tests, the noise level of a E-Touch VS pool pump can be 25% lower than traditional single speed pool pumps.

Optional external control

Reserved optional inputs for digital control, Relay contact or RS485.