Minipal Portable Pool Heat Pump

Product Features

* R32, Eco Friendly Gas
* Compact & Portable
* Play & Plug
* For pools ≤25m³

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    Minipal Portable Swimming Pool Heater Heat Pump - Aquagem

    Above ground pools can be heated by either an electric heater or a pool heat pump. Both run with electricity. The difference is that an electric heater generates heat from a heating element, while a pool heat pump absorbs heat from ambient air and transfer the heat to pool water, a small amount of electricity is used to run, with a cost 4-5 times less than a gas heater or electric element heater, a heat pump is the most cost effective way of heating above ground pools.

    R32, Eco Friendly Gas
    To efficiently reduce green house gas andcut our CO2 foot print.

    Compact & Portable
    With a size slightly bigger than an oven and ‘cool’ handle, Minipal can be easily moved around in the backyard & put away when not in use.

    Play & Plug
    Minipal’s plug & play saves your cost and trouble for installation. An extra RCB breaker on the cable provides you double safety.