iSAVER + - Frequency inverter Aquagem piscinae pump

Product Features

* Tactus screen Primum

Simplicity in consilio et operationem *

* Externi in / off imperium ad libitum

XXXV ad occasum * Vicis electiones celeritatibus ferentur

Plug in ludo * &

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    iSAVER+ Touch Screen Energy Saving Pool Pump Frequency Inverter Variable Frequency Drive - Aquagem

    iSAVER + is the first touch screen frequency converter in the pool industry, a product of our effort in seeking continuous innovation to provide a better customer experience.

    Pump, being the largest single user of residential electricity, not only consumes energy that’s not necessary, but also generates a constant noise which normally above 60, sometimes even up to 70 dBA. iSAVER+  pool pump inverter is an ideal solution for energy saving and quiet running .

    Et munus suum timer, vel vos can run a sentinam cum velocitate vel sursum posuit ad IV operatio cotidie per timers, cum inter se velocitate per singula. Cum salvus LXXX% ad humilis celeritate, currit non si XXIV horas die ad humilis celeritate es minus tamen solvente. Lectio A consummatio in potentia ad ostentationem dare vobis ideam de industria quantum ad sentinam celeritate aliud est sub usura.


      • Salvis facile ad humilis celeritate usque ad LXXX%
      • Sonus level et minuit: per sentinam XXV%
      • Apti applicationes timers libitum
      • Melius perficientur filtration celeritatem ad minus, minus eget opus
      • A iam vitae spatium in stagnum et alia apparatu motricium
      • Magna conlationem de reducing GHG


    Sumptus efficax solutio

    Depends on individual case, pay back time can be less than 12 months. Here below is a rough calculation as to how much you can save a year with an iSAVER+  swimming pool pump inverter installed.

    Cum familiae est typically instructa cum aqua sunt 50m³ 1HP (initus 0.746kW) sentinam stagnum.
    Electricity price (per kWh) €0.2 per kWh (Source: Eurostat (nrg_pc_204))

    In a seven month swimming season, expenditure per year €752 After installing an iSAVER+  inverter in system, expenditure per year €169
    Annual Savings = € 583

    model iSAVER + 1100 iSAVER + 1500 iSAVER + 2200 iSAVER + 1100C iSAVER + 1500C iSAVER + 2200C
    Et Imago initus Arcana Coelestia 1ph Arcana Coelestia 1ph Arcana Coelestia 1ph Arcana Coelestia 1ph Arcana Coelestia 1ph Arcana Coelestia 1ph
    input intentione 220V ~ 240V 220V ~ 240V 220V ~ 240V 220V ~ 240V 220V ~ 240V 220V ~ 240V
    frequency L HZ L HZ L HZ L HZ L HZ L HZ
    output intentione 1ph, 0 ~ 240V 1ph, 0 ~ 240V 1ph, 0 ~ 240V 3ph, 0 ~ 240V 3ph, 0 ~ 240V 3ph, 0 ~ 240V
    output potentia Max I kW max 1.5 KW max 2.2kW max 1kW max 1.5 KW max 2.2kW
    Current output max 5.5A max 8A max 12A 4 A max 6A max max 8A
    clausura Rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
    Type sentinam unum tempus unum tempus unum tempus tres tempus tres tempus tres tempus
    refrigerant per aerem
    celeritate range ~ MCC 2900rpm