Product Features

* First touch screen

* Simplicity in design and operation

* External on/off control optional

* Timer setting with 35 speeds choices

* Plug in & play

Product Detail



iSAVER+ is the first touch screen frequency converter in the pool industry, a product of our effort in seeking continous innovation to provide a better customer experience.

Pump, being the largest single user of residential electricity, not only consumes energy that’s not necessary, but also generates a constant noise which nomrally above 60, sometimes even up to 70 dBA. iSAVER+ is an ideal solution for energy saving and quiet running .

With its timer function, you can either run the pump at a constant speed, or set up to 4 timers for daily operation, each with an individual speed. With 80% saved at low speed, even if running it 24 hours a day at a low speed, you are still paying less. A power consumption reading on the display give you an idea of how much energy the pump is using under different speed.


    • Easy saving up to 80% at low speed
    • Sound level of pump reduced by 25%
    • Optional timers suitable for different applications
    • Better filtration performance at lower speed, less chemical needed
    • A longer life span for motor and other pool equipment
    • Great contribution on reducing GHG


Cost effective solution

Depends on invidiual case, pay back time can be less tha 12 months. Here below is a rough calculation as to how much you can save a year with an iSAVER+ installed.

Households with a 50m³ swimming pool is typically equipped with a 1HP (input 0.746kW) pool pump.
Electricity price (per kWh) €0.2 per kWh (Source: Eurostat (nrg_pc_204)

In a seven month swimming season, expenditure per year €752 After installing an iSAVER in system, expenditure per year €169
Annual Savings = € 583

expenditure of iSAVER Patent Design Energy Saving Pool Pump Frequency Inverter

Model iSAVER1000+ iSAVER1500+ iSAVER2200+ iSAVER1000C+ iSAVER1500C+ iSAVER2200C+
Input Power 1ph AC 1ph AC 1ph AC 1ph AC 1ph AC 1ph AC
Input Voltage 220V~240V 220V~240V 220V~240V 220V~240V 220V~240V 220V~240V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Output Voltage 1ph, 0~240V 1ph, 0~240V 1ph, 0~240V 3ph, 0~240V 3ph, 0~240V 3ph, 0~240V
Output Power Max 1 kW Max 1.5kW Max 2.2kW Max 1kW Max 1.5kW Max 2.2kW
Output Current Max 5.5A Max 8A Max 12A Max 4A Max 6A Max 8A
Enclosure Rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Pump Type Single phase Single phase Single phase Three phase Three phase Three phase
Cooling By air
Speed Range 1200~2900rpm