Product Features

Most Powerful Cleaning Robot

* High end remote control
* Floor, wall, waterline cleaning
* Biggest suction capacity: 18.m³/h
* Fastest moving speed :15m/min
* 3D Gyroscope navigation
* Cycle time: 0.5/1/1.5/2h
* Weekly timer; High-end control box with display
* PVA brushes

Product Detail


iRANGER smart control robotic pool cleaner - Aquagem


iRANGER is a high-end robotic pool cleaner with a most powerful cleaning capacity.

Driven by 3 powerful motors and a cyclone suction working mechanism, iRANGER was engineered at a suction capacity of 18m³/h, and a moving speed at 15 meters/min, it's no doubt a most powerful robotic cleaner.

Product Highlights

3D Gyroscope Navigation
  • 3D Gyroscope navigation

Equipped with a 3D gyroscope "brain", iRANGER robotic pool cleaner can detect potential deviation and correct itself so as to effectively avoid tangling and ensures a stable and effcient cleaning through its smart navigation.

Patented Cleaning Route Design
  • Patented Cleaning Route Design

Equipped with a smart route and self aligning program, iRANGER can detect potential tangle caused by deviation and make self adjustment when navigating through the pool surface. Navigation software ensures pool floors are fully-covered.

Perfect Steady Grip on Pool Walls
  • Perfect Steady Grip on Pool Walls

iRANGER's 4 high quality PVA brushes ensures a steady climbing and grip on pool walls, and a flexibiligy of moving over obstacles. PVA Brushes special material lasts twice as long as conventional rubber brushes and resists oil, bacteria, algae and other contaminants.

Intelligent Remote Control
  • Intelligent Remote Control

Let iRanger do its work with pre programmed route or direct it to the spot where an intensive cleaning is needed by using an intelligent remote control comes along with the robot.

Weekly Timer
  • Weekly Timer

A 7-day programmable timer saves your hassle and trouble for a smart cleaning.


iRANGER smart control robotic pool cleaner specification  - Aquagem