Inverpro – The quietest inverter pool pumps for wholesale

Product Features

It’s an era for inverter pumps. According the DOE of the states, all pumps past a certain horsepower rating will be required to meet an efficiency threshold. if effective in 2021, variable-speed pumps will become mandatory for powering a pool’s filtration system.


-36 dBA @1m sound pressure
-Most silent inverter pool pump by Aquagem
-Certified by TUV Rheinland

Product Detail





Inverpro, powered by InverSilence Tech  

InverSilence is the technology being first introduced to filtration pumps by Aquagem. An inbuilt ‘inverter brain’ not only allows the product to run between 40%~100% to fulfill different duties like backwash and proper filtration but also precisely control motor& inverter drive for optimal silent operation, bringing down the sound level from a high pitch 60-70 dBA to a history low level, 30 times quieter than traditional on-off pumps.


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PrintPerformance Highlights

• 30 times quieter

Sound pressue @1 meter : 36 dBA certified by TUV Rheinland, the most silent pool pump in pool industry.

• 3 times saving

Driven by a high-efficiency motor and improved hydraulic configuration, Aquagem ensures energy-saving up to 90%.

• Automatically smart running

Inverter control allows the product to detect system pressure and adjust its running capacity to ensure a fixed running flow at all times.


Feature Highlights

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