About Aquagem

Aquagem Technology Limited is a pool accessories manufacturer and supplier based in Panyu, Guangzhou, China. We are dedicated to developing and supplying smart and energy saving products to global customers, to start with, a variable frequency drive for single speed pool pumps.

Our mission is to keep pool users enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by smart technology and reduce our carbon dioxide foot print, this serves as a guidance of our work throughout processes of R&D, production, sales, marketing & service, etc.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything. Every pool user deserves a cost-effective + good quality + reliable pool system in order to make the most out of their investment and enjoy a family pool life.

The pursuit of a better customer experience in products like frequency converter, inverter pool pump, various pumps and our service is an everlasting motivation at Aquagem, which made our work meaningful.

Technical R&D

In a company that revolves around customer experience, technical R&D is no exception. It's all about researching and developing a product customers need, this mentality in return leads us to better idea of innovation in the frequency inverter, inverter pool pump and variable speed pump we are developing now.

Headed by 6 chief engineers whose expertise are in VFD and inverter technology, we are proud to have a strong R&D team who continuously coming up with innovative ideas.

Quality Control

All products passed our strict quality inspection before delivery, it contains anti rust, anti-moisture, insulation treatment for electronic boards, electrical function test for semi-finished products, aging test at 60 degree centigrade and full performance inspection on finished products, simulate product in the process of intensification test referring to various factors affect product aging under actual circumstances.

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